Ew, that’s better

Thanks to everyone who’s asked about Maya in the wake of her visit to the vets. Things seem to have settled down now, and we also seem to have discovered what was at the root of her feeling so rough. On Thursday night, she was out cold in her cat bed, but suddenly leapt up from her place of repose and started to upchuck, and our hearts sank. Y’know, the whole “oh man, here we go again, she’s still not over it” sort of thing. However, rather than the puddle of undigested food and bile we had expected to see, she had thrown up an enormous fur ball – a proper, tightly-packed frankfurter of bile-covered, compacted fur over a foot long. Clearly, this was the root of the problem, as her mood improved rapidly and she’s been fine ever since.

Yesterday we took her back to the vet for a previously arranged appointment that was essentially just one final check up. We told the vet what had happened the previous night and he wasn’t in the least bit surprised – we’re fortunate that she managed to get that enormous fur ball up, or we may have had to resort to surgery (by the vet, not by us, I hasten to add). Given the evident improvement in her condition, we closed our case and, with a deep sigh, paid our sizable vet bill. Obviously how much Maya’s treatment was costing wasn’t our primary concern, but I have to admit I’ll be happier once our insurance claim is processed. Still, Maya’s continuing well-being is a bargain at any price. She’s Our Girl.

The moral of this story: if your cat suffers from hairballs, make sure you treat them for it – especially if you have a particularly shaggy pet. We’ve invested in a new can of anti-hair ball gel and will be feeding her anti-hair ball cat treats regularly as well.

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