Settling In

Hey all,

One of the main reasons for setting up was getting all my online stuff in one place, so I’ve decided to move my blog here as well – yeah, I know, I’ve moved blogs several times already. Hopefully this will be the last time. Who knows, having a shiny new blog might encourage me to update it a bit more regularly. Anything’s possible, right?

Just settling in here at the moment, faffing around with the settings, themes and suchlike – basically all the usual set-up malarkey that integrates this into the site as best I can. I’m using WordPress again, as I was so impressed with the web-based service. I’ve never messed with an actual installation of WordPress before, though, so if something looks dodgy or not how it ought, bear with me whilst I fiddle with it.

More updates once I’ve settled in here. Until then, be excellent to each other :-).

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